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March 16-17, 2013 - Jeannette Hutchison Masters Handling Seminar
8:30 am- 4:30 pm

I am happy to offer a masters, handling seminar covering your use of motion and timing of information to your dog. How you move, when you move and where you move affects the info your dog receives. If your motion is late or incorrect, it causes wide turns, refusals, and off courses.  Your motion affects collection and extension.

Other topics addressed include, independent obstacle performance witch frees the handler to think ahead and move down stream to give better information to the dog. When the dog understands his job, adding distance is much easier. Many of the sequences and courses will have master and international challenges.

Seminar will be held inside a heated building on dirt and or outside in a fenced area on grass if the weather permits.

This is a no frills seminar. There are several fast food places 6 miles from the seminar site.


Workshop prices are as follows:

Working teams: $300

Auditing: $75 per day

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Hotel Info: Days Inn, Easton, MD (410) 822-4600 - 15 minutes from site. Dog friendly

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