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Private lessons

We offer private lessons at Baybriar or in your home by appointment

Obedience Classes

We believe that obedient dogs add quality to our lives. Dogs should not be treated like people. They need exercise, rules, obedience and love, in that order. Most of the dogs I have met that have problem behavior is due to lack of proper exercise, rules and obedience training.

Dogs repeat the behaviors that pay off. If jumping, barking, stealing things, and acting aggressive pay off, they will repeat these behaviors. They only need several repetitions for some of these acts to become habit.

Class will teach you to teach your dog the basics of: heel, sit, down, stay, come, quiet, off, and leave it, other issues will be discussed as well, house breaking, mouthing, stealing things, jumping, etc.

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Monday Night Classes: Starting June 29 at 6:30 pm!!

Beginner obedience:This class teaches owners to teach their companions the basic obedience commands. Dogs will learn to heel, sit, stay, come, down, off and leave it as well as socialization. Owners will learn to be consistent in the behaviors they reinforce and to make sure the dog is learning what they think they are teaching. We use clicker training to mark behaviors so dogs learn good behaviors pay. Many other problems are addressed, jumping, barking, house breaking, steeling things, counter surfing etc. If you are interested in class please fill out the application at the bottom of this page and mail it in along with your payment in order to hold a place for you in class. The fee is $150.00 for 6 week session. Please sign up in advance as working spots are taken quickly.



In house obedience training

Baybriar accepts dogs for in house training. Dogs will learn to heel, sit, down, stay, come, "quiet" for barking, "off" for jumping and "leave it" for getting into things. Dogs will be reinforced for good behavior with clicker training. Dogs will also learn a negative marker for inapproriate behavior.

While the dogs are in training, it is important for owners to come for several sessions. Owners will learn to act like the "chief" of their tribal dog. In my experience, "Fifi" will not come home and show you what she learned at camp. She will be testing to see what you learned instead.

Dogs coming in for obedience training are charged a flat fee per day for a 14 day minimum. The fee includes training of the dog and several sessions with the owners.

Behavior Management Fee for Aggressive Dogs

When a dog comes for training with aggressive behavior issues there will be an additional fee added to the base price. These dogs require very experienced handling and additional time in training not to mention the risk involved. The fee will be determined on a case by case basis.



New sessions forming now, please call or email for more information.

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*Please visit our policies page for more information*

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