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Student Accomplishments



I came to Jeannette in January of 2010 with my then 2 year old Border Collie, Triton. I said I needed help "handling" and that while I felt confident in our ability to do obstacles together, Tri and I needed some instruction with regards to how to run a course together. Jeannette had her hands full as we were a team that came with little foundation training with regards to the laws of motion in agility. But, Jeannette cheerfully took on the task and has spent several group sessions in the last year helping Tri and I work more efficiently as a team. Jeannette has tightened our turns, encouraged me to runTri independent of me (holding us responsible for our separate jobs on course) and really helped me learn to analyze courses for our team. Additionally, Jeannette has been great about giving me small exercises to work at home that reinforce what Triton and I are trying to accomplish in class all the while never becoming frustrated with what I didn't know prior to joining Jeannette's group classes. I'm thrilled to say that Jeannette's help has paid off tremendously since Tri and I completed our AXJ, AX, MX & MXF titles in the past year. I am grateful for Jeannette's fantastic eye for agility and ability to break things down in a way that makes training manageable for me. I look forward to what lies ahead for my team in the competition ring but am most grateful for the bond that has formed between Tri and I as we have learned to work together as a team! Thanks Jeannette for all your help in the last year and in the future as Triton and I continue to grow together!


Joy DeSipio - Salisbury, MD ~ Border Collie, Lacy's Triton, AXJ, MX, MXF



Phire is the first dog of mine whose training has been directed by Jeannette from puppyhood. She learned all the basic hand jive, and control exercises as a puppy and went on to learn the agility obstacles as she matured. In mid-March, 2009, she debuted in USDAA agility at 19 months of age. She competed in 8 classes at her first trial and qualified in 6 of them: 2 standard runs and 1 of each game (gamblers, snooker, jumpers and pairs relay). She was a real trooper, holding a rock-solid stay at the start line for each class, and doing the correct targeting procedure at most contacts (except when I got excited and forgot). Thanks, Jeannette, for helping me to give her such a good grounding in all aspects of the sport! I wish I lived close enough to attend regular classes rather than relying on my monthly privates.


Barb Atkinson - MD ~ Swedish Vallhund, Phire~ Swedish Vallhund, Cork




I have known Jeannette for a number of years and her reputation as an animal lover as well as a person is outstanding. Jeanette trained our beloved Nicky and truthfully, she was the best dog we ever had. Nicky was our sons dog and after training Nicky, Jeannette worked with our son as well so all of the hard work would be reinforced through him and us. Her dedication, professionalism and expertise is outstanding and I feel that the relationship of our dogs and us improve greatly under her guidance. I currently have our Jack Russell - Maddie in agility training and I can honestly say that this is the most fun activity I have ever done with any of my dogs. It has taught me that Maddie and I are a team. She depends on me to guide her through this fun maze of jumps and obstacles and there is a true desire on the part of the dog to please as well as my desire to guide her correctly. You need to be as one and Jeannette is helping us get there. I find it amazing that Jeannette can read the dogs so well. There is a definite connection between her and these wonderful little soul mates. We got our Maddie from Jeannette and we did so with absolute confidence in her reputation as a breeder. My advice to anyone either getting a dog for the first time or whether you currently have a dog - if you truly want a rewarding "relationship" with your critter, Jeannette can make that an attainable goal. I am extremely grateful for all of the time, energy, hard work and most of all - love that she has for dogs. Thank you Jeanette!

Kay Lister - MD ~ All-American, Nicki ~ Jack Russell Terrier, Maddie


I've been training with Jeannette for the past eight years. Thank goodness Jeannette is a patient teacher, she had her hands full when I began agility classes with my Toy Fox Terrier, Chilli. This was one spoiled rotten little dog & after one class I knew I had to get a handle on her. With Jeannette's guidance, Chilli & I had a very successful agility career. I now run two Border Collies, Ransom (my forever a challenge dog who is in my life to teach me patience) & Strike who has taught me I have to step up every run. I found out so quickly that how I handled my little dog was not how I needed to handle these two. The skills I learned from Jeannette are a huge part of my success. Jeannette has been so great to work with & has helped me thru minor issues & some bigger ones. I have grown to admire Jeannette & consider her a great friend. Always upfront & honest! She has a wonderful eye for even the most subtle things, things you just swear you are not doing! We are very fortunate to be training with such a great instructor. Thank you Jeannette for always being there for us!

Joy Thompson - MD ~ Toy Fox Terrier, JT's Chilli Pepper, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ~ Border Collie ,MACH Lockeye Ransom, PT, HSAS, AAD~ Border Collie, Uherdit Celtic Strike, PT, HSAS, MX, MXJ, AD


I have known and admired Jeannette for most of my agility career. I have always been in awe of the distance skills that she achieves with each of her canine companions. My velcro dog Keen and I had a serious distance challenge. Through Jeannette's guidance and positive attitude, I developed the confidence and skills I needed for Keen to earn the gamble legs to obtain her Bronze Lifetime Achievement Award, at the age of nine and half years old. I'm grateful to Jeannette and I know she shares my joy.

Jeannette's greatest asset is her generosity. She never hesitates to share her time and knowledge with others.

-Rosemarie Huey- PA


When I came to Jeannette for help with my reactive boy I could never have anticipated what was to come in the following years. Not only did I gain an understanding of how to train my dog, I gained much, much more. Jeannette’s guidance and instruction has helped me become a better handler, trainer, and instructor. With my Swedish Vallhund, Chuck, she worked us through his obedience issues and reactiveness to other dogs and helped to rebuild his confidence and skill after his illness. She helped me understand his jumping issues and taught me that with patience and persistence any obstacle could be overcome. With my mix, Fred, she helped me correct those wonderful “first dog” mistakes, increasing his speed, accuracy and confidence. My young Swedish Vallhund, Max, has started with Jeannette from the ground up and I can honestly say that I feel like the sky is the limit with such a strong foundation. Of course all of that translates to the fact that she has really been helping me with “ME”! Thank you, Jeannette for helping Chuck and I get to the ’08 AKC Invitational and for helping Fred achieve his Accomplished Performance Dog title – something that I never imagined was possible when I started this little hobby. And, most importantly, thank you for being a true friend and mentor.


-Krista Hill - Salisbury, MD ~ All-American, Fred, APD, AJD-Bronze, AGD, AKD, PS3, CGC, TDI ~ Swedish Vallhund, Chuck, AG, PD2, PS2, PK2, PJ1, SR, AX, AXJ, XF, RN, CGC


I have known and been training with Jeannette for the last 13 years. I am currently training my 4th agility dog. All of my dogs have very different personalities and work ethics. Jeannette has the wonderful ability to customize her training method and often "think outside the box" for each of my dogs. She has taught me to understand how my dogs learn and to be conscious of what I am teaching them. Through Jeannette's training I have seen amazing improvements in my dogs, but most importantly I have seen great improvement in my ability to handle them. My three dogs are extremely sucessful in agility and it is directly due to Jeannette's training and support. Both Dasher and Zip have earned their ADCh within one week of each other. Zip began showing in 2008 and was on USDAA's top ten in 2008, 2009 and 2010. He has earned his ADCh Bronze and he also won the 2009 NE Regional Grand Prix and was in the Grand Prix semi-finals at the 2009 USDAA Cynosport Games. In 2010 Zip won Steeplechase finals at the NE Regional and at the Cynosport Agility Finals he made it to the finals of both Steeplechase and Grand Prix where he placed 6th and 3rd. Zip and I are also proud to be members of the 2011 Team USA World Agility Open Championships. Dasher has earned his Tournament, Gamblers, Relay, and Snooker Bronze titles as well as his Standard and Jumpers Championships. At the 2009 USDAA Cynosport Agility Finals, Dasher made it to the semi-finals of the Grand Prix and Steeplechase and the DAM Team finals. Zorro started his agility career lacking confidence but with Jeannette's help he is improving at every trial and is now really enjoying the game which has greatly improved our Q rate. Thank you Jeannette for all the help and support you have given me through the years. Thank you for always believing in me and telling me enough times that I believed it too. My dogs and I would not have had the sucesses we have had without you. I also have the privilege of owning 2 JRT’s bred by Jeannette. Dasher and Zorro have wonderful temperaments and are a joy to live with and train.


- Ivette White - Easton, MD ~ Dasher ADCh, AXJ, AX, 2010, 2009 Top Ten~ Zip, ADCh ,AXJ, AX, 2009, 2008 Top Ten, 2011 Team USA World Agility Open Championship Silver Medalist ~Zorro, PDIII, PDII, OA, OAJ

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